Common Hand Conditions and Injury Treatments at La Jolla, CA

People of every age, whether a kid or an adult, frequently uses their hands. You will be not in a position to carry out your usual tasks if your hands are injured or have chronic hand pain. A few examples of frequent wounds are:

  • Cysts
  • Trigger fingers
  • Fractured fingers
  • Hand wounds

At Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho in San Diego, La Jolla, California, there are experienced specialists available to diagnose and treat La Jolla hand injuries to reduce pain and restore functionality.

How your hand injuries are diagnosed?

In-depth examinations will be performed by a team of specialists to identify the injury or condition causing your pain. Your symptoms and how you hurt your hand are discussed with them. 

They touch your tendons, muscles, and bones to look for abnormalities and symptoms of inflammation. Additionally, you might be asked to pick up tiny objects or extend and flex your fingers by your doctor. 

How your hand injuries are treated?

For all kinds of hand injuries and diseases, the team offers individualized treatment programs that may include both operational and nonoperative therapy. Most of the time, medical professionals start with nonoperative methods. They might advise:

  • Anti-inflammatory injections
  • Bracing
  • Compression
  • Physical therapy

The doctors have sufficient knowledge and experience in the surgical treatment of hand injuries, should you require surgery. They are meticulous and accurate doctors capable of mending your hands’ small, sensitive structures.

How to prevent sports-related hand and wrist injuries?

You can use wrist guards to prevent any sports-related hand, wrist, or upper extremity injuries. Wrist guards can help to protect you from bone fractures or hand scrapes if you ever fall or slide, in case you participate in the following sports:

  • Rollerblading
  • Street hockey
  • Skateboarding

You can use gloves for protecting your hands, especially if you participate in 

  • Bicycle sports
  • Skateboarding

If you ever suffer from a direct blow on your palm, then your gloves can protect your hands. Besides protecting your nerves, it will also protect your skin from getting cut or wounded. While taking part in any sports, it is better to do warm-up exercises and stretching to improve your flexibility.

Risk factors

Based on your different types of disorders, risk factors are many. If you are participating in sports, then it can increase risks for acute injury, like a broken hand or finger. Besides age and gender, if you have certain medical conditions which are inflammatory, then you also are at risk.

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