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How Does Information Technology Support Artificial Intelligence?

The application of artificial intelligence is everywhere. Some examples of its use are voice recognition, self-driving cars, airplane auto-pilot functions, and optimizing routines that power Uber. Many companies are pushing the technology to make our everyday lives easier, and information technology has made this possible. But how does information technology support artificial intelligence? Here are three ways AI applications are changing the way we live. How do they work?

The concept of inanimate objects having intelligence has been around for many centuries. In myths, the Greek god Hephaestus was known to forge robot-like servants. In Egypt, priests would animate statues of gods with their voice. Since then, thinkers have used the tools and logic of their time to describe the thought processes of machines, and laid the foundation for today’s AI. For example, AI has evolved from a way that machines can recognize the human face and understand verbal communication.

While it can simplify business processes, it doesn’t understand ethics and values. This is why information technology is critical to the management of AI systems. Without it, companies may be prone to data breaches. This is especially true in high-profile cases, such as Facebook revealing it had sold user data to a third party. While AI systems can help businesses streamline business processes, they aren’t a substitute for human workers.

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