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Jamendo is a music streaming website based in Luxembourg. It is an open community of independent artists and musicians. It was originally a music platform that operated under Creative Commons licenses, but since 2019 it has become an Independent Management Entity (IME). Jamendo has over 500,000 tracks and 40,000 artists in over 150 countries, all of which can be streamed for free or downloaded for personal use. The name “Jamendo” is a portmanteau of two musical terms, a portmanteau of ‘jammy’ and ‘dot’.

The music streaming website Jamendo allows its users to add personal details like their name, email address, and website. Users should be careful not to divulge too much personal information, however. In the profile section, users should indicate their taste in music by specifying their favorite genres, artists, instruments, and music software. Users can also star albums and tracks for further review. Moreover, Jamendo allows users to rate and review music from other users.

The Jamendo service is free to join, and users can write reviews and share their favorite music. In the same way, you can share your music with other users through the social networking website. Users can also sign up using their Facebook accounts or via their email address. Jamendo also offers a free membership, so you can try it for free before you decide whether to buy a subscription. But, there are many other benefits to becoming a member of Jamendo.

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