Managing Chronic Pain: A Comprehensive Guide To Pain Management Treatments In Greenbelt, MD

Pain that exceeds more than three months can be considered as chronic pain. As per the data more than 20% of the US population faces issues related to chronic pain. There are many places known for satisfactory pain management treatment, including Greenbelt. 

Greenbelt has a considerable number of AAAASF-approved facilities for pain management treatment. For an overview, several pain relief facilities, from Greenbelt radiofrequency ablation to red light pain therapy, are involved in treating chronic pain, which is globally accredited and will be discussed in this guide.  

TENS Or Ultrasound: 

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation uses a device to apply a low-voltage electric current to the skin over the painful area. With the help of the current, the affected area is targeted. The affected area receives sound waves from ultrasound. This way, the muscles are relaxed by preventing pain signals from reaching your brain. 

TENS turns on descending inhibitory systems in the central nervous system, which lessens pain by reducing hyperalgesia (which causes severe pain).

Red Light Pain Therapy:

Red and near-infrared light are applied to various parts of a patient’s body. The red light therapy uses photobiomodulation, a low-level laser therapy. This particular therapy is known to be futuristic as it aids in cell regeneration (or growth) and cell function restoration and looks after blood flow induction. 

Physical Therapy:

There are different ways through which physical therapy is done. Some include low aerobic training, stretching, acupuncture, neurological physical therapy, and many more. It depends upon the pain management specialist to examine the pain tendency, and accordingly, the session is managed. The main purpose of physical therapy is to strengthen related muscle groups to increase endurance and range of motion.

Radio Frequency Ablation:

Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) cures chronic pain with the help of radio waves. This therapy is done by creating a current that heats a small region of nerve tissue using radio waves. It gives a soothing effect immediately, and by affecting that portion of the nerve, the heat prevents your body from receiving pain signals from that area.

Bottom Line 

Besides these therapy and treatment facilities, there are other important pain management therapies like yoga, stretching, and many more. When you reach out to the Greenbelt pain management specialists, they will examine the pain and its intensity, and according to it, they will prepare the proper session for the treatment. 

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