What Should You Expect During The Invisalign Treatment Process?

Restoring our smiles can be an exciting process. Smile restoration involves replacing missing teeth and correcting the alignment. Smile restoration and correction can be reasonably simple procedures. However, appliances used in smile restoration and modification can be visible to others. As a result, not everyone would want to get noticed when correcting their smile using dental appliances. 

On the contrary, you will be relieved to know that there are dental appliances that are not easily visible. Invisalign are dental appliances that can be used for straightening your smile. Invisalign aligners are clear and removable. The primary benefit of these aligners is that they are less readily visible than traditional aligners. It would help if you considered Invisalign Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, for enhancing your smile and understanding the treatment process mentioned below. 

Understanding the Invisalign treatment process deeply: 

  • Initial consultation 

The first step in any dental treatment procedure will be the initial consultation with the dentist. The dentist will evaluate your condition by examining your mouth. They may ask about your cosmetic preferences and check if Invisalign is the right option. Some patients may not be suitable for getting Invisalign aligners. In such cases, the dentist may offer other appropriate options. 

  • Molding procedures 

If you are suitable and healthy enough to get Invisalign aligners, the dentist may proceed with the digital molding process. Once the dentist has concluded your suitability for Invisalign aligners in an appointment, they will advise you to get digital photographs, scans, and x-rays. 

It will help if you get x-rays and digital photographs promptly after the initial appointment. Once done, the digital scans and X-rays will be used to accurately model your teeth and mouth. These digital scans may be sent to a laboratory for customizing aligner trays for you. 

  • Fitting aligners 

After the laboratory has prepared the customized Invisalign aligners and trays for you, the dentist may call you to fit them. The dentist will start fitting small attachments of Invisalign in your mouth and gradually place each tray. This process will be painless and comfortable. 

After all Invisalign aligners and trays have been fit inside the mouth, the dentist will check if they are in place. Once done, the dentist may help you understand the aftercare steps that need to be taken. After you have understood aftercare tips, you can go home. 

  • Follow-up appointments

After fitting the aligners, you will be called for follow-up appointments. It will help if you visit the dentist for follow-up appointments after one or two weeks. You will not need to go to the dentist regularly after the treatment. 

However, it will be essential to go on follow-up appointments to check the progress of your dental health. If the desired treatment improvement is not achieved, you may need a digital scan and a new set of aligners. 

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