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Can You Get Food Poisoning From Coleslaw?

You may not think you can get food poisoning from coleslaw, but you can. The main source of the bacteria that cause coleslaw food poisoning is the cabbage. Another common source is spoiled mayonnaise. To make sure your coleslaw is safe to eat, wash the shredded cabbage under running water. If you’re buying a bagged coleslaw mix, wash it thoroughly before serving it. Doing so won’t affect the quality.

You can also spot a bad coleslaw by its soft texture, yellow or brown spots, or wilted leaves. If the cabbage is too sour, it may be contaminated with wasabi or horseradish, which are both known to cause intestinal permeability and gastrointestinal illnesses. If you do notice any of these symptoms, you should throw away the coleslaw right away.

Although the symptoms of food poisoning can last for a few hours or even days, they usually go away within a week. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Stay off school or work for two days if you suspect you may have gotten food poisoning. You should consult a doctor or health care provider if you have any of these symptoms. You should stay off school or work for a day or two to treat the food poisoning.

It’s possible to catch coleslaw food poisoning from a guinea pig. The coleslaw may contain milk, which is not good for them and can cause diarrhea, gas, and bloating. It is also bad for their digestive system because it contains high amounts of fat and eggs. If you suspect coleslaw food poisoning, consult a doctor immediately. You don’t want your pet to end up like a guinea pig.

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