Hip Hop Lyrics That Comfort You

When life seems overwhelming, it’s nice to know that there is music to make you feel better. You might find a song by Shawn Mendes to be especially comforting. This slow song talks about putting things in perspective and finding the courage to hold on. If you’re feeling down, Florence and The Machine’s Shake It Out may be perfect. The lyrics are about letting go of regrets and moving forward.

Another song by NF may be the most empowering. In this song, she talks about overcoming her past to reach her goals. She is pregnant by her cousin and hides the pregnancy from her family. She gives birth to her child in a bathroom and discards it. She later turns to prostitution in order to survive and ends up being murdered. Her story is a harrowing one, but you can relate to it in your own way.Read More About: blastace

Another popular line in hip-hop has to do with money. It’s hard to make decisions when you are not feeling financially stable. MCs like Rakim reportedly love eating a huge spread during the holidays. “Killa Cam” is one of those songs. This famous line has been used so many times in different hip-hop songs, that it’s hard to pick just one. Latest website bloggersnews and worldfreenews More information thewebnews

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