Reasons Why Dental Exams in Orlando Can Be Important for Your Oral Health

Dental visits are often questioned by many. The reality is that oral and overall health may suffer without regular exams and cleaning. Regular visits can always lower your gum disease and cavity risks.

At Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, you may visit for your dental exam Orlando at least twice a year. You can schedule your appointment with a few well-experienced dentists in Orlando. 

What happens during the dental exam?

Your face, neck, lower jaw, and lymph nodes will be thoroughly examined during a dental exam. The rest of your dental examination will include the following:

  • Checking for indicators of gum disease by looking at your gums
  • Checking for any cracked, chipped, or loose teeth
  • Assessing your bite
  • Examining the inside of your mouth for any signs of oral cancer
  • Looking for damage to your existing fillings
  • Taking a dental X-ray

Few reasons to go for a dental examination

Detects decay and cavities

Bacteria consuming sugars form decay-causing acids that can erode enamel and cause cavities. Poor hygiene and sugary diets can contribute. Often your tooth decay may advance unnoticed. Early detection via dental assessment is, therefore, very important.

Prevents gum disease

Gum disease is an inflammation around teeth that results from plaque buildup. Neglected plaque becomes tartar, allowing bacterial growth and toxin production, causing inflammation. It begins as gingivitis, progressing to periodontitis and tooth loss if untreated.

Detects early signs of any oral cancer

Oral cancer screening detects early-stage oral cancer or precancerous lesions on 

  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Throat. 

Dental experts employ mirrors and lights to spot mouth irregularities. The Oral Cancer Foundation suggests screenings to enhance survival odds, especially for those at risk.

Keeps your bad habits at bay

Smoking, drinking, eating an acidic diet, and clenching or grinding your teeth can harm your oral health. The dentist will examine the oral harm brought on by these practices.

Detects problems using X-rays

Dental X-rays can help diagnose teeth, mouth, and jaw issues beyond the reach of any standard tools. They preemptively uncover impacted teeth, jaw problems, and abnormal cells, averting potential complications.

You can take the best care of your teeth and gums by scheduling routine dental checkups. A comprehensive dental exam is going to be performed by your dentist when you make your initial dental visit. For more information about dental exams, contact the Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry by phone or make an appointment.

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