Seattle Car Accident: Check basic laws in Washington

Being a busy and happening city, it is not unusual or rare to hear of road accidents in Seattle. Minor fender benders happen almost every single day, but there are also serious car accidents that lead to unfortunate consequences. If you suffered injuries and subsequent losses in such a mishap in the city, you need to consider all ways to deal with the financial strain, especially when someone else was responsible for the car crash. Top law firms like The Walthew Law Firm ensure that clients get all the support they need for filing an injury claim, and for your assistance, we have shared a quick take on the basic laws in Washington.

Washington is a fault state

In a no-fault car accident state, you would typically require to file a claim with your insurer. That’s not the case in Washington maru gujarat. This is a fault state, and if there is evidence that the other driver acted negligently, you have the right to recover a settlement from them, usually through a third-party claim.

Washington’s statute of limitations

The statute of limitations for car accidents in Washington is three years. For the unversed, this law states the deadline within which you must file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. If you are suing the driver for the death of a loved one, you again have three years, and the same deadline applies for lawsuits involving vehicle and property damage. These deadlines are only for lawsuits and not insurance claims. You should file an insurance claim within a reasonable time – preferably at the earliest

Washington is a pure comparative negligence state

When two drivers are responsible for the same car crash in Washington, their fault state determines their final settlement. In Washington, you can file a lawsuit against the other driver regardless of your fault share. In other words, if you are more than 50% liable for the crash, you still have a case. If you win, your settlement will be adjusted as per your fault share in the accident film indir mobil.

Get an attorney

It is easy to understand why people are often concerned about filing a car accident lawsuit, primarily because they don’t understand the legal jargon or know how to navigate the process. Consult an injury lawyer who will review your case for free and ensure you don’t miss out on evidence, deadlines, and the steps that matter. Most lawyers will charge a contingency fee.

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