Strategies That Will Help You Prevent Lower Back Pain

Do you know that your lumbar vertebrae support much of your body weight? The lower back comprises stronger muscles and ligaments extending to the pelvis. In addition to weight bearing, lumbar vertebrae help to maintain your stability while walking and bending. Nevertheless, with back pain, it may not always be easy for your lumbar spine to execute those functions. 

While acute pain can resolve alone, chronic lower back pain can last more than three months, thus necessitating Chandler AZ interventional pain management services. Keep reading this article to understand simple yet functional strategies that can help you prevent lower back pain.

Get Moving

Muscles are meant to keep moving, which is not an exception to the back muscles. Try to engage in the strengthening exercises for at least thirty minutes daily. Incorporate activities like walking and moderate sit-ups in your exercise plan. A stronger back muscle is less likely to encounter injuries that could otherwise cause back pain. When exercising, you should always begin with a warm-up to avoid sudden strain.

Quit Smoking

Another reason why you should stop smoking is to prevent back pain. Notably, when you smoke, cigarette chemicals obstruct the blood vessels. Consequently, the oxygen content flowing to the spinal discs reduces, exposing them to fractures. Start with your primary care provider about your decision to quit smoking. You should consider professional rehabilitation programs if you still experience difficulties stopping this habit.

Sleep Right

It is more likely that you have ever woken up while having discomfort in your lower back. This instance implied an association between sleeping positions and back health. For example, sleeping on your stomach can strain the back muscles leading to back pain. Always sleep on your sides for your spine to rest effectively. If you prefer sleeping on your back, put the pillow below your lower back.

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

Certain occupations necessitate individuals to sit for long hours. Lack of interruption can make the individuals adopt poor posture. For example, some people can eventually slouch forward at their desks. This posture can put extra pressure on the lumbar cushions, thus causing discomfort in the back over time. If you are an office worker operating a computer for a long time, you should buy a comfortable chair. This way, you will maintain proper alignment of the lower spine.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Many people who are overweight have reported cases of pain in their lower back. Notably, the extra pound puts additional stress on the back muscles. Always eat a healthy diet to lower the chances of weight gain. Replace highly processed meals with nutritious meals like fruits and vegetables. Further, you should check your body mass index with your doctor to see whether it is within the healthy range.

Chronic lower back pain is the last thing that you may want to have. This condition undermines an individual’s capacity to execute motor functions. The good thing is that certain strategies can help prevent this debilitating condition. For example, you should engage in regular exercises to boost the strength of your back muscles. Sleeping in the correct positions will also help avoid putting excessive strain on back muscles. However, if you notice a dull or sharp pain in your lower back, you should reach out for appropriate pain management.

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