Surprising Causes Of Skin Discoloration

Dark spots and pigmentation are so common among men and women that people consider it an inevitable part of their lives. While skin discoloration is normal and does not affect your health, there are several home remedies and medical treatments to get evenly toned skin. However, before you seek treatment, you must understand what is causing the problem. 

While the sun is often shown as the culprit, you may be surprised to know that many daily habits can cause skin discoloration and pigmentation. Therefore, if you think you are protected because you mostly stay indoors, you might have another thing coming. Consult with skin discoloration El Paso experts today. 

Causes of skin discoloration 

  • Stress. 

If you lead a highly demanding and busy lifestyle, and your work requires much of your mental and emotional energy, the stress may be causing your uneven skin tone and skin discoloration. The symptoms of a highly stressful life are reflected in the person’s skin. It is common to see an increase of free radicals on the skin when you are under stress, leading to pigmentation. Make some time for yourself and do activities to de-stress to improve your condition. 

  • Hormonal fluctuations. 

An imbalance in the production of estrogen and progesterone in the body can lead to changes in the skin. It can stimulate melanin production on your face and cause dark patches. If you have been using skin-lightening products and not seeing any results, you may need to check your hormones. Hormonal fluctuations commonly occur during pregnancy. 

  • Cooking. 

Exposure to extreme amounts of heat, whether the sun or the gas flame in your kitchen, can cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the face. Some people are more prone to dark spots, while others do not see a difference. Check whether you are easily prone to pigmentation and avoid cooking on high flame. Avoid using the sauna, steam room, or hot yoga as well. 

  • Smoking. 

If you smoke or have people in your life who are smokers, you may have noticed their lips darkening with time. Exposing your lips to heat and nicotine causes excessive pigmentation. Not only it makes your lips dry and coarse, but it affects the area around it as well. To reverse the effect, cut down on smoking and allow your skin to cure itself. 

  • Bad or low-quality skin care products. 

Some low-quality or cheap skin care products contain harmful substances that can darken your skin and cause irritation. For example, Oxybenzone is an ingredient found in sunscreen creams that can trigger hormonal imbalances and cause hyperpigmentation. 

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