Things to Know About HealthTap

HealthTap is a medical website that strives to revolutionize how people access information about their health. With an impressive database of physicians spanning over 10,000 specialists across various specialties, HealthTap can answer all your queries and concerns at any time.

It provides virtual primary care and urgent care to its members, in addition to other services like prescriptions and lab testing.

1. Access to Board-Certified Doctors

HealthTap boasts an expansive network of over 90,000 board-certified online doctor across 147 specialties. Each doctor undergoes a stringent credentialing process and is thoroughly reviewed and verified by the company.

The platform provides live, one-on-one consultations with physicians through a computer, tablet or iPhone/Android mobile device. Appointments are usually available almost instantly; however there may be an occasional brief wait period.

HealthTap also provides online question submission service in addition to live consultations. Questions can be posted anonymously and typically answered within 24 hours.

2. 24 Hour Access

HealthTap members can access board-certified doctors 24/7 from any device, via text or video chat. Wait times are typically under one minute, and doctors are able to order lab tests and write prescriptions without waiting.

Patients can submit questions directly to their doctor and get a response within 24 hours – free of charge! This service is offered at no cost.

HealthTap provides real-time access to medical information as well as a library of millions of questions asked by consumers that have been answered and peer-reviewed by tens of thousands of U.S. doctors across 147 specialties.

HealthTap provides high-quality primary care at an affordable price point through its proprietary technology and network of certified doctors. Through AI-powered symptom checkers, users can search physician-written answers to their questions, post their own, or receive personalized care guidance tailored specifically for them.

3. Personalized Care

HealthTap utilizes artificial intelligence to assist patients in understanding their symptoms and providing advice on what should be done next. It offers a range of services such as personalized care and advice, treatment reminders, and online video Urdughr consultations.

The AI system also boasts an expansive database of questions answered by medical practitioners. Members are able to post their own inquiries and receive answers within 24 hours.

This site is free and does not require users to make an appointment. Furthermore, it complies with HIPAA requirements, keeping patient information secure when doctors communicate via text or video chat.

4. Streamlined Process

HealthTap’s streamlined process is one of its standout features. AI and other tech elements automate many manual and routine healthcare-related tasks, saving both members and doctors time by eliminating tedious details.

Members are asked a series of questions to help the AI triage their condition and assign it a level of urgency. This saves them time and money while improving their overall wellbeing.

Another remarkable aspect of the organized and presented information is its straightforward nature. This allows users to quickly and easily access essential details, regardless of whether they are members or not – making HealthTap one of the most efficient and user-friendly healthcare solutions available today.

5. Convenience

HealthTap provides an effortless way to get a quick consultation with a doctor while on-the-go. They offer a free app and support via email or phone.

The app’s AI-powered symptom checker helps users determine whether they need a virtual visit with a doctor or not. It also outlines possible causes of symptoms and provides recommendations for care.

HealthTap also provides its members with access to a long-term primary care doctor to manage all of their healthcare needs. For just $15 a month, users get free texting with their doctor, $39 video appointments and $59 visits for urgent care with the first available clinic doctor – all for just $59!

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