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Why Did Law and Order SVU Become So Bad?

The question is: Why did Law and order SVU become such a disaster? Despite the fantastic characters, the show’s writers are just lazy. If SVU wasn’t so boring, it would have been a great show to watch. It’s a part of the Shared Show Universe, and it should have featured aliens in one episode. Thankfully, the writers have been replaced.

As far as the show’s characters go, it’s no secret that the series has its problems. While the series once focused on the good work of flawed characters, it has lately adopted an evangelist-type attitude. Olivia Benson, the show’s protagonist, has no problem acknowledging the ineffectiveness of police departments, which she uses to her advantage. Meanwhile, the show’s writers also fail to address the issue of police brutality, which has been an ongoing problem in American society for decades.

In the fall of 2016, the series aired its 500th episode, making it the longest-running primetime drama in television history. This made the show the longest-running live-action TV series. It is also the only network show that premiered before the millennium. But despite its success, the show has become increasingly less likable over the years. There are a few reasons why SVU became so bad.

Despite this low point, the season has a few redeeming features. One of the best episodes in the last decade is Bad Blood, which is the first one of this season. Olivia’s subplot is equally strong, but it doesn’t feel unbalanced. The sex crime episode and the murder subplot are both solid and balanced. If the show keeps its focus on these elements, then it will continue to be a top-notch show.

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